Far East delegation gets inspired by Movicon.NExT application for Delta Aqueduct

An Indonesian delegation of business managers and government authorities visited C.A.D.F. S.p.A. (Italian public company that manages integrated Water Services) to view Movicon.NExT in action
Movicon.NExT has been integrated with a geographical information system (GIS) that geographically locates different systems and subsystems throughout the territory providing the operator with a real representation of the entire network. With the integration of Geo Localization, geographic maps and cartography can be used to define the coordinates of specific screens and projects by dynamically visualizing pins and desired information on the maps. These ones show the operating status of localized projects to allow quick navigation of geographically referenced information.
The delegation was fascinated by the implemented system and will take it as an example for developing a similar architecture, based on Movicon.NExT, in Indonesia islands.