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Progea offers comprehensive Movicon, Movicon.NExT, Pro.Lean and Pro.Energy training courses for customers and partners to enable rapid project application deployment. The hands-on, interactive format used ensures that users learn the skills needed for immediate use of Movicon to development  their projects successfully. Progea offers free basic training courses with dates and locations scheduled and ready for viewing on the training course calendar page.  In addition, Progea also offers training courses either at their offices or the customer’s offices.  On-site training courses are tailored made to meet the specific needs of the customer’s project.  The already existing courses can be modified or a special SCADA training course can be designed according customer specifications.
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Training Course and Seminar Program


Our Webinars have been designed to allow customers to participate live in Movicon training sessions directly from their desktop.

Customers can either register to participate in a live webinar session and interact with host and other participants or download the webinar session afterwards.

Live seminars and training courses calendar


This calendar shows scheduled dates for free basic training courses or seminars based on the Progea software technologies.

Progea organizes free training courses held by expert technicians who are qualified to train and share their own experience to help participants gain the right know-how and skills needed in order to become operative in Movicon.NExT and Movicon 11 straightaway.
Registration is required at least 10 days before the chosen date and needs to be confirmed by Progea, according to availability.

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Progea offers simple tutorials for quick Movicon platform start up in your company to immediate effect and with complete autonomy

Webinar Video


Progea offers users webinar registration to start using all the Movicon platforms in complete autonomy.

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Course on demand


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Our expert technicians are at your disposal to give courses based on your specific project needs.

A great number of clients often ask for a custom training course tailored to their particular needs that derive from the type of application they wish to develop or existing problems that need to be solved.
The expert Progea technicians are fully qualified to answer client queries and help solve problems by providing solutions to satisfy particular application requirements.
The tailor-made courses are based on training programs specifically designed to confront the arguments submitted by the client. The module or program is based on the arguments put forward by the client using concrete and clear examples.
Courses on demand are designed to fit your specific project needs and can be held at our offices or yours.

The modules are based on the indicated Training Programs and can be customized to accommodate your project needs. We can help create your project and give you the right guidelines to ensure its success.