HMI universal control unit 4.0

The application developed with Movicon.NExT, manages a universal control unit designed to test the resilience of various types of valves. Each valve type is tested for leakages with a programmable tester manufactured by third parties. In addition, the company’s business managerial system also had to be fully integrated with this application.  This Supervision or rather HMI application uses a TIA portal project to interface with the actual valve testing machine but integrating the whole process into a SCADA platform was no easy job.

“With Movicon.NExT, I already had proof of its simplicity to insert .Net code in the preferred language without any constraints,” says Paolo Venturelli, Progea System Integrator.

The machine is very simple to operate: the operator has a number of items to test.  He assembles up to five items at a time on test bench and waits for the results. Once received, he separates the defective ones from the good ones.

“I needed animation that highlighted the test results even for the less attentive user.” Continues Venturelli, “I then developed a WPF UserControl with graphical animation to highlight the status changes using as a Double Animation Easin Function. State changes are graphically animated with a transparency and shadow effect.  Thanks to Progea’s technical help, the UserControl has become one of the ToolBox objects that can be used in any screen as needed.”

The customer is fully satisfied with the application and has ordered another five. Venturelli will use the Progea SCADA for other applications in the field of Building Automation and process control.