simple and lightweight software that guarantees sophisticated  functionality beyond the limited traditional HMI.


The HMI software technology, offered by Progea, is based on the concepts of openness and flexibility deriving from extensive experience in the Movicon SCADA/HMI technology and know-how.

This HMI software offers users the great advantage of using just the one editor to create HMI projects in distributed networks from PCs to smaller  operator panels based on Windows CE.  One configuration environment that ensures scalability and performances as well as hardware and screen resolution independence in any connected PLC network.  This, together with a adapt-as-needed licensing policy  will lead to a signicant save on running costs.

Progea HMI software is simple and scalable.  It offers one editor for PC, Windows Embedded and Windows CE applications.

For the End User:

  • Product reliability and quality.
  • Highly qualified service availability.
  • Innovation for long term investments.
  • Hardware system independency.
  • Integration openness.
  • Simplicity-of-use and maintenance.

For designers, engineers and developers:

  • Constant technology innovation.
  • Flexibility-of-use.
  • Reduced developing time.
  • Simplicity-of-use.
  • Independency and Openness.
  • Technical Help and Consultancy.

Progea’s HMI software
offers effective solutions
for End Users, Machine Builders
and System Integrators.


Based on Progea’s vast experience in the SCADA Sector, their HMI software offers:

  • Scalability: the same project runs both on PC and on small-embedded systems with Windows CE
  • Hardware Independency: choose your panel provider without changing the HMI software
  • Flexibility: architectures can integrate SCADA, HMI and operator panels by using the same software.
  • Cost Reduction: one-only editor, one-only software product for all your projects.
  • Reduced maintenance: with the one-only software in your company means you get to save on maintenance costs.
  • Expandibility: the HMI project can evolve into to a real SCADA project without having to change a thing.
  • Openness: wide ranging I/O Driver Library to connect to any PLC or automation device.
  • Constant innovation: to protect long-term investments
  • Support: excellent services for any need whatsoever
  • Product Customization: brand name your HMI and use the license management you think best.

This translates into protecting your investment, reducing ownership costs, facilitating updates and maintenance.

The platform is designed to offer a unique modular and flexible work environment, design and deploy industrial software applications and manage communication with: the field and collecting data, the HMI graphic interface, supervision and much more.

The same configuration environment and runtime licenses only designed specifically for HMI functionality, while maintaining all the advantages and potential of Movicon 11. Ideal for Embedded Win32 / 64 PC as Win7, Win8 and Win10.