Luxury 74 meter yacht bridge optimization

Uniproget, Bridge supervision software projects developed with Progea’s Movicon platform.

“It was here that the decision to develop a supervision system with an open and completely customizable platform was made and from which DCMSView2000” was created”.

Mirco Peroni
CTO – Chief Technical Officer Uniproget.

Uniproget uses Progea’s Movicon 11 version SCADA when it comes to design engineering supervision projects that require top quality graphics and connectivity towards a diverse range of devices.

Configuration based on Hot Backup M580 with distributed I/O formed with:

    • 2 main M580 backup stations with Redundant I/O
    • 8 remote I/O stations
    • 1 M340 Power Management System station

The supervision software is installed on:

    • 2 Pc 24” Panels with 1024 license and Redundant Server (Engine control room) and one on the Bridge.

Their partnership with Progea started in 2011 when they were commissioned to develop a project to control a 74 meter yacht built in the Benetti Spa shipyard in Livorno.
“It was here that the decision to develop a supervision system with an open and completely customizable platform was made and from which DCMSView2000” was created.
The main page displays a realistic engine dashboard with which the Yacht’s captain can control how the propulsion engines are working and view their parameters. Unlike all the other alarms signals that can only be viewed by the chief engineer, this dashboard also signals various alarms that influence engine behavior. The chief engineer is the one who intervenes in the event of malfunction, for example an electrical fault with the bilge pumps or ventilation system.
The bridge computer, from which enabled pages can be viewed, also manages and displays navigation light and technical states.

    • 1 Client on 24” Touch Screen PC in ECR (512 Client license)
    • 1 Client on 24” Box PC on the Bridge (512 Client license)

In addition, there is a number of 5.7” graphic panels for alarm group transfer and repetition. The distributed architecture has greatly reduced the amount of electric cables usually needed for Megayachts such as this one and of which length and costs are quite considerable indeed. The integrated hot backup on PLCs, the Ethernet ring network and the double servers on Movicon with redundancy option all contribute to making the system entirely safe and secure.


Uniproget Srl

Uniproget S.r.l went into operation in 1992 with determination based on the conviction that the market held a niche for their activity in the marine engineering sector that would bring them success. A niche that is apparently represented by electrical systems and small and medium marine automation design engineering whose shipyard interlocutors are large industrial groups characterized by high structural costs and little product flexibility Instead, Uniproget presents itself as a winning reality that stands at the cutting-edge of technology supported by the experience of its design engineers and technicians and its ability to directly install solutions on-board using any hardware and software platform.

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