Movicon 11.6 available now!

As planned, Progea has released the update to Movicon 11.6 that introduces HTML5 to the “Classic” technology and it shows how this product generation is still much appreciated all over the world.
Movicon 11 is a SCADA, very widespread and appreciated in the supervision and HMI market. The release of the 2018 update of this product, now in version 11.6, is the validation that Progea cares about the productions of customers and partners that use this technology and intend/want to still use it in the next years.
In the version 11.6, there have been a series of little improvements: the one that stands out from the others is the support to WEB Client HTML5 technology, that is added to the previous Web technology. The introduction of this capability makes Movicon 11 an up-to-date product, aligned to SCADA/HMI products of competitors, even if all are still based on traditional and “classic” software technologies.
The web access to the supervisor, through the HTML5 standard, allows to access the plant in a standard, safe and open way. Nowadays it is fundamental to surpass the use of components that are considered not so much secure such as Java or even ActiveX. Among the other service news, the Toolbox has been updated with new graphic objects, such as new styles of buttons, selectors and gauges. This update includes service improvements with the support to some functionalities that enrich the wide set of Movicon 11 functions.The 2018 update of Movicon 11.6 is the clear and straight answer to all those people who were wondering if, that with the arrival of Movicon.NExT, Movicon 11 had become a SCADA to be considered phased out.
Movicon.NExT represents the future of SCADA technologies, while Movicon 11 is still present in several markets and it is still strongly used. Even if it is a “classic” technology, in many aspects it still shows its significant superiority in comparison with competitors.
The consumers who are using Movicon 11 technology can look to the future with confidence, without feeling obligated to convert to Movicon.NExT, deciding to make innovation according to their own pace and needs.

Discover now the new release of Movicon 11.6!