Movicon as a manager of alarms and scheduled announcements at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport, a fundamental crossroads of world air traffic with over 50 landings and departures per hour and 35-40 million passengers per year, has recently implemented the Movicon SCADA software, distributed in the UK by Products4Automation (P4A).

The new system, in addition to filling the need for a rigorous and detailed management of the alarms, is currently used to provide an interface to the previously installed environment, which will continue to dialogue with the new platform with mainly backup functions.

Specifically, what Movicon is going to integrate for the case in question, is a system of public address (PA system), as well as a set of electronic components including microphones, amplifiers, speakers and related equipment. The task of these devices is, in general terms, to increase the volume of a human voice, a musical instrument or any other digital sound source available.
PA systems, as in this case, are therefore used in all public places that require an announcer sufficiently audible at a distance or over a large area.

Gatwick, aiming to develop an automated PA more advanced than any other already present in other airports in the world, has requested one of the most advanced speech synthesis systems, with integrated multilingual capabilities, in order to provide an ever better service during transmission of general information and emergency announcements. Furthermore, at the project level, for the airport a few kilometers from London, automatic announcements have been implemented, guided by scheduled events and programmable over time, with the possibility for the personnel to perform assistance and management operations through tablets or mobile devices.