Movicon.NExT 3.4 available now!

The 3.4 version of Movicon.NExT has been officially released. Can’t wait to try it out? Why not register and download the software from the Progea website?
The 3.4 release introduces new features and improvements that make Movicon.NExT the most innovative and rich platform on the market.

Below you will find the link to download the new version.

FDA 21 CFR Part11:
In this new release, the management and validation of Audit Trail data has been revised to make the system of data access and archives validation more secure and protected. It has been introduced the support to the double signature of validation and the user request of Audit comment input can also happen with the use of a Tag Value command like Set, Increase, Decrease and Toggle and in the use of checkbox-type objects.

The scheduler now allows you, even at runtime, to define exclusion days (i.e. holidays). This way it is possible to exclude the scheduled event in specific days of the year, such as religious holidays (that are automatically planned) or customized days or periods.

Alarm Dispatcher:
A new plug-in has been introduced for the notification of events of “Push” type, using Telegram, the instant messaging service. The alarms or events of the plant can be now notified, not only by voice call, email or SMS, but also towards groups or single chats thanks to Telegram, a free app available for Android, iOS and PC. To use this plugin the plant must have internet access.

Trend Graphic Objects:
In the new version 3.4, new graphic visualization objects of historical trends are available, and others have been updated.
Data Analysis object now allows both the visualization and analysis of historical data and the real-time update, with the possibility to pause and restart to visualize the real-time trend of connected tags.
The real-time trend object now is not connected to Historian and Datalogger anymore, it simply allows the visualization of the real-time trend of one or more connected tags. It is fully compatible with the projects developed with the previous versions.

Speech Synthesis and Voice Commands:
Movicon.NExT 3.4 extends the concept of human-machine interface thanks to speech synthesis and voice commands. The new command “Text to Speech” allows you to vocally synthesize a text string. This way an event or an alarm could generate a voice message for the operator.
Voice commands are available as both system commands and object commands. The voice system commands, configurable in project properties, allow, for example, browsing the projects pages or the zoom of the screen. The voice object commands allow to associate a vocal command and to execute the command associated to the object. For example, a button command could also be executed at the same time with a related voice command pronounced by the operator.

IT connectivity with the new SQL Driver:
To simplify the Industry 4.0 applications, it has been introduced the new communication driver that joins to the “Basic Pack”, and it can connect to a SQL database that supports TCP/IP protocol, maintaining the values of the referral table synchronized with the values of the tags in the I/O Data Server of the project.
Thanks to this new driver, the exchange of the data based on database tables is simplified, so far that the use of visual basic script has been necessarily required.

Drivers – Several News and Updates:
“S7 TCP” and “S7 TIA Portal (Symbolic)” Siemens drivers have been updated to manage tag imports from TIA Portal v15 (*.ap15) projects, allowing also the import of structures of structures. OPC UA Client driver and the relating importer have been updated to allow the support to IEC 61131 PLC OPEN data model, such as on the data structures of new OPC UA devices of B&R and Omron and many others.
The Mitsubishi Melsec Q Ethernet driver and the relating importer have been updated with the support to string-type variables, allowing the communication with the recent family iQ-R PLCs.
It has been realized a native driver I/O for B&R PVI. It has been introduced the support to Micrologix 800.

Web Client App:
The Movicon.NExT App for mobile devices has been updated to version 3.4 on the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.
For the iOS and Android devices, there has been the introduction of 2 functionalities that significantly improve the usability: pinch-to-zoom and feedback to the touch.
Now it will be possible to zoom the project pages and to have a feedback through vibration (or acoustic if the vibration is not available) to notify that a sensitive area has been touched, such as a button that executes a command.
For Microsoft devices on the other hand, there has been the introduction of 2 functionalities to extend the usability of the app with HoloLens wearable devices: vocal commands and transparency.
It will be possible to set the transparency of the pages background for a more immersive experience of augmented reality and there will be the possibility to execute the vocal commands as it happens on the client desktop of Movicon.NExT.

Editor – Extension of the Cross Reference to the Scripts:
In version 3.4, the Cross-Reference option has been improved by both extending resource analysis (scripts, receipts, report parameters and alarm thresholds) and in performance, allowing the analysis of the project quicker than in the past.

Editor – Preview of Project in the Selected Language:
Now in the editor you can visualize the project with the languages defined in the text resource, thanks to a drop-down menu placed in the toolbar footer. The language, selected in the development environment, will be the default language that will be activated in Runtime on the first start of the project.

Power Template:
The use of complex graphic objects, that can be placed in the customized libraries, has been extended and improved to guarantee complete functionality, even in the more complex situations.

Several other news and improvements have been added. We invite everyone to download the 3.4 version, updating their own projects to exploit the new potentialities. For further information, please visit the technical section of the Progea website or contact the Technical Support.