Movicon of Progea in the Chemical sector

The company I.T. Technologies of Modena, Progea’s Solution Provider, implemented a supervision and data acquisition system for an important customer in the chemical sector. The project has been installed in a plant used for the automatic dosing of chemical products inside tanks for the pre-treatment of the materials to be painted. The plant consists of several tanks where the chemical components used to process the materials are pumped in through metering pumps.
The SCADA of Progea supervises all stages of processing. From the main server, the screen pages are displayed, the data and production times are set, as well as the data related to the cycle and the production settings and the display of production data. Also displayed is the status of the equipment and all the necessary data to control the system. The data are aggregated and stored in an SQL database in order to be recovered quickly through the reports available on the platform.