Movicon.NExT: what’s new?

SPS Parma 2016 was the occasion for Progea to showcase the long awaited preview of the latest Movicon.NExT 3.0 release.


Movicon.NExT, based on the Automation Platform.NexT technology, is the modular.NET platform designed to make industrial software more open and scalable. This has been done by integrating funcional modules that are capable of managing all enterprise-wide business needs from supervision to control, Historian modules, MES and industrial analysis.
Movicon.NExT uses the most innovative technology in the software ambient: native OPC UA information model, data storage available in the Cloud Azure, Oracle or MySQL, new generation vector WPF graphics, 3D support, maps, geolocalization and new generation HTML-based Web Client.

What’s new in the 3.0 release?
The Progea team has focused their efforts to offer users a cutting-edge product that features the most innovative technology and maximum usability to ensure the product’s superior quality. The last 10 months have been spent gathering feedback from users with intense work carried out on the three main issues: the platform’s Performances, Quality and Usability. Technically, in addition to bug fixing, a great number of improvements have been implemented with the 3.0 version among which includes the Function Block Diagram feature. A great effort has also been made to improve performances and usability, while the Test and Validation engineers have grown in strength and formation to spend much more time on test running the platform in the most extreme conditions.
Along with the new Function block Diagram editor other new functions and changes have been included such as: recipe management enhancement to include remote activation functions, a new and more advanced Report Designer, Users and Child projects managements enhanced with new functions, new Apps for Web Client access using smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). These are just a few of the many other novelties you will find in the new generation product that make it more sophisticated and effective. According to Maurizio Zaniboni (Product Manager), “The 3.0 version represents a giant step ahead in the product’s development. Extensive research and work have been carried out by the team backstage which focused on three main themes: reliability, performances and usability. We are already at work on the next 3.1 version which is scheduled for release at the end of 2016 with even further new functionalities”.
Movicon.NExT 3.0 will be officially available as from 15th June for all in our website download section.