Optimizing production processes with Movicon 11

Optimizing production processes.

“We are very satisfied with the Movicon solution, that thanks to the use of numerous features available through Script code, allowed us, unlike other competitors solutions, to customize in an easy and quick way even the most specific functions.”

Arvydas Racius
NK service JSC

NK service JSC has chosen to use Movicon for the control room management of a new installation equipped with silos and control sensors in Tauragė County (Lithuania).

In addition, the powerful analysis tools of Movicon allow to historicize the data and check the temperature status in short-, medium- and long-term.

NK service JSC has chosen to use the Movicon SCADA by Progea for the control room management of a new installation equipped with silos and control sensors. The control system, supervised by Movicon, manages the process thanks to Siemens S7-1200 PLCs and motorized valves located in different points along the line, starting from the fresh cereals’ supply up to the final phase where cereals are treated and dried.
The management of the cereal working process has been designed following precise sequences that can be executed on the clients installed in several points along the different lines. The plant has been engineered to manage and consequently use up to 4 various sequences at the same time. Movicon, not only controls and customizes different sequences, but it also collects all the data coming from thermometric systems.
The installed sensors for measuring temperature communicate with Movicon SCADA through Modbus protocol.


NK service JSC

NK service JSC is a Lithuanian process automation and thermal heat sector engineering company. Since 2008, the market successfully operating company is aware of what determines the quality and reliability of industrial processes. The high quality of products and services allowed NK service JSC to become a reliable partner for many Lithuanian and foreign industrial companies.

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 Inter-Silo JSC

Inter-Silo JSC took care of the installation of silos and technological equipment meanwhile NK service JSC was responsible of the electrical installation and silos control.

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