Food & Beverage Packaging line

The Wrigley production line by GIMA Spa. The supervision solutions offered by the Movicon supervision software permit data integration, real time information and statistical analysis to reduce downtimes and increase productivity.

Pressure Management system for Calandre

The 9000 Ton pressure vessels of Walter Tosto Spa Total field openness with native drivers and OPC Server plus major interface flexibility with database are the features that made the Walter Tosto company choose the Movicon 11 software to supervise the 9000 ton pressure vessels.

Production management

The System Spa ceramics application The SYSTEM Ceramics R&D department have designed LAMINA®, innovative technology ceramics applications

Furniture production and assembly line

IKEA production line supervision. IKEA, the giant Swedish furniture company chose the quality of made in Italy in the furniture sector. It is increasingly shifting its production to Italy thanks to the automation level offered by Italian companies that ensure top level productivity and quality.

Cement manufacturing plant

Polish cement plant management system by Elettrondata. Elettrondata automated an enormous cement mixing, storage and sales plant in Poland using the Progea Movicon 11 software.

Carpark management

Automatic carpark in Largo Cairoli Movicon used to supervise and control a major carpark in Milan.

F.S. tower block building management

Porta Garibaldi F.S. Building management in Milan. PICO data has been developing building automation systems using advanced technology for over 20 years. They just completed a building automation system using Movicon to supervise the FFSS Italian State Railway’s Porta Garibaldi tower block offices in Milan.

Freight village Energy production system

Clean energy for the Bologna freight village. The Bologna freight village is logistically one of the most important in Italy. It has invested in producing clean energy from renewable sources by installing a huge photovoltaic system.

Particle accelerator system

The National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Experimental Nuclear Physics supervision: The Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) has developed the DAFNE particle accelerator whose systems are controlled and supervised with Movicon.

Clean Room Supervision

Control System developed by Automate for SIMAV (SIRAM Group). A system to control operating parameters with the Movicon supervisory. A Clean Room is an environment used in manufacturing or laboratories for scientific research where pure air is needed. Therefore air that has a low content of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors.