Mineral Oil Extraction and Energy Production

The Mineral Oil Extraction Plant of Agip Eni According to Agip, eco-sustainable projects to optimize the use of natural resources are the basis of modern energy policies. This is how partnerships with leading companies in the energy sector can only produce good results.

Clean energy from vegetable oil

Electric energy produced by Powertron The need to produce electric and thermal energy from renewable sources is on the increase. Powertron offers solutions based on generating energy from vegetable oil.

Electric Power Substation Distribution

The public trolleybus transport network system. The Panoramica of Chieti. Atenaa sintec offers a technological solution consisting of four medium voltage power substations to control the entire trolleybus route operated by the Panoramica Autoservizi Company to safeguard the safety of its employees and passengers.

Plastic Bottle Production System

Sophisticated PET system by Piovan Spa group. CSA Laboratories, a company of the Piovan group, who develops control systems in the plastic industry sector, has recently developed a PET bottle production system using Movicon for the Chinese Shangai Zi Jiang Group.

Warehouse and Logistics System

The Rik-Fer warehouse in Pordenone is now much more efficient. From receiving orders to the dispatch office: This is how to automate the warehouse using SCADA. The Rik-Fer handling and storage system has been automated by Co.Mar Automazioni.

Food & Beverage Packaging line

The Wrigley production line by GIMA Spa. The supervision solutions offered by the Movicon supervision software permit data integration, real time information and statistical analysis to reduce downtimes and increase productivity.

Pressure Management system for Calandre

The 9000 Ton pressure vessels of Walter Tosto Spa Total field openness with native drivers and OPC Server plus major interface flexibility with database are the features that made the Walter Tosto company choose the Movicon 11 software to supervise the 9000 ton pressure vessels.

Production management

The System Spa ceramics application The SYSTEM Ceramics R&D department have designed LAMINA®, innovative technology ceramics applications

Furniture production and assembly line

IKEA production line supervision. IKEA, the giant Swedish furniture company chose the quality of made in Italy in the furniture sector. It is increasingly shifting its production to Italy thanks to the automation level offered by Italian companies that ensure top level productivity and quality.

Cement manufacturing plant

Polish cement plant management system by Elettrondata. Elettrondata automated an enormous cement mixing, storage and sales plant in Poland using the Progea Movicon 11 software.