production efficiency
with OEE and KPI


Progea offers software products to manage Plant Intelligence by collecting data to calculate OEE, KPI and Downtime.

Industries, especially in manufacturing, increasingly need to collect real-time production data to identify and remove the causes of inefficiency and improve  productivity by reducing loss.  In order to do this, you need to have a system that can collect and analyse production data fast and accurately.  One that can help you identify the root causes of inefficiency and put them right in order to bring your actual productivity much closer to the theorectical one.

The SCADA/HMI solution to collect data and calculate the OEE.

An answer to every question

  • What are the root causes of inactivity?
  • When and why did a specific problem occur?
  • How does quality compare to last month’s measure?
  • What alarms were most frequent or had the longest duration?
  • Is the machine being used to its full capacity?

Improve production:

The cost contained Progea solutions are designed to optimize system effectiveness and improve productivity that will see a quick return on investments due to increased productivity.

Real-time information availability is crucial for analysing and removing inefficiencies


Productivity reality does not always live up to our expectations due to unforeseeable circumstances such as unavoidable scheduled production downtimes (due to absence of staff or ongoing maintenance) or unscheduled downtimes (due to unexpected system failure or malfunctioning) or increased number of product rejects.   These problems are clearly caused by machine inefficiency that can be measured by using the OEE metrics (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). The conditions that cause these problems are called “equipment-related losses” (losses related to equipment).

There are 3 main measurable components that OEE uses in order to obtain the equipment-related losses:

  • Availability: losses due to downtimes
  • Quality: losses due to process defects
  • Performance: losses due to slack productivity

These three components account for all the causes of production loss as well as unexpected downtimes that are not caused by failure (Set up, change of production, scheduled maintenance, meetings, holidays, strikes, etc.). Some machine malfunctions are alerted directly and automatically (alarms ).  While others are left to the operator’s descretion to stop production in order to avoid further loss in downtimes due to unclassified causes.

Being efficient means having an information management system that is  capable of collecting real-time data in order to calculate the Key Performance Indicator (KPI).  This will allow you to  assess your productivity index at any given time and the causes effecting the real capacity of your manufacturing processes.

OEE, KPI and Downtime visualization


The following factors are used to calculate the OEE :

A: Operating time (net).
B: Operating Time < A(Losses due to inactivity)
C: Production goals.
D: Real production < C (Machines speed losses).
E: Real production.
F: Compliant production < E (Defection losses).

OEE = B/A * D/C * F/E * 100

The OEE calculations take into account three factors:

  • Availability

Availability loss is mainly due to planned or unplanned stops due to equipment failure,  set-up and adjustments. ther additional losses may be caused by the cutting tools and Start up times.

  • Performance

Performance loss is mainly caused by various factors such as internal interruptions (events that interrupt the production flow without stopping the machine) and reduction of the working speed (often the machines do not work to the full capacity they were designed for).

  • Quality

The quality factor is adversely affected by the production of defective parts, which can be produced during the start-up of the machine itself.  Scrap and reworking are also other causes due to production errors.

Movicon Pro.Lean


Production monitoring and efficiency analysis software for every manufacturing sector

Deploying Pro.Lean © will enable you to communicate with any field device or system, collect and record data on database.  This data can then be used to analyse your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI), calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your machines and measure Downtimes to know exactly where and how to remove inefficiences, reduce loss and maximize profits.