Professional Isometric Screen graphics

An isometric screen is a HMI screen page which conveys isometric projection (or isometric perspective), where plant components are represented as three dimensional scenes that keep the proportions of the objects along all three axes of the space. This type of graphics create a three- dimensional effect by using two-dimensional graphics.  The result has a great visual impact on users giving them to get a clearer and more intuitive visualization of the plant that they have to monitor and control.  This result, however, is not an easy job to achieve.  Design engineers often find themselves with the tedious task of searching through libraries for the most appropriate isometric symbols (which are almost impossible to find) and arranging them with great precision. Even though this design trend is becoming very popular, it has not quite caught on in monitor and control systems used in the industrial sector.  Unfortunately, isometric screens are hardly ever used in HMI systems due to the fact that they need a great deal of effort and time to create.

Progea has been able to solve this issue by creating a set of isometric symbols that come ready with sophisticated animation in Movicon.NExT to allow design engineers to create graphical interfaces that are visually appealing to user with hardly any effort at all.  They have provided a file containing an isometric background format grid to aid users in creating screens with an isometric perspective.  Users will find this grid easy to use for placing symbols and drawings in the space provided according to the isometric perspective they wish to create. 

Thanks to Movicon.NExT, creating screens with isometric graphics has become so easy that now anyone can do it.  It does not take much to realize supervision systems and distributed HMI applications with great visual impact using professional graphics.


a) Associate the file with the isometric grid to the screen’s background

b) Drag the desired symbols from their corresponding ‘Isometric Symbols’ library category on to the screen.

c) Complete the drawing with pipelines or other elements by keeping to the isometric grid format.

Graphical animation is applied by using the same animation rules used with any other drawing.

This new feature further demonstrates that Movicon.NExT is the best SCADA/HMI product available today to use for realizing traditional graphics, isometric graphics or graphics based on realistic 3D models.  Request a project example or talk with one of our designers today for more information.