The simple and effective Cloud IIoT platform.


At last, a IoT solution that simplifies automation connectivity has arrived.  Progea Cloud.DataBoom designed to capture data and manage Business Analytics.  

Progea Cloud.Databoom offers the best solutions for your automation system interconnectivity to capture data from the plant to the Cloud using Industrial Internet of Things connectivity (IIoT).  It is designed to collect essential information for your business, record them on NoSQL DB for incredibly easy analysis using fully customizable Web Dashboards.

The Cloud platform is fruition of collaboration between Progea and Databoom, two leading Italian companies who know exactly what Industry 4.0 means and how it can work for your business. The Progea-DataBoom Cloud platform is based on a solution especially designed for the Cloud and IoT. It has eversafe and performing data storage that is ensured with new generation ‘Non Relational” databases designed specifically for Big Data.

Thanks to seamless integration with software technologies Progea, like the content server Connext Movicon SCADA/HMI systems. NExT, the platform allows connections with real-time data from the devices in the field through secure, integrated, IIoT protocols for recording on Cloud technology with “non-relational” database designed for big data Analytics Business through easy and intuitive dashboard.

The platform is specifically designed to provide users, even beginners, a communication solution for efficient, reliable and easy to use. The costs are contained thanks to the modularity of the licenses.

Connect and analyse
on the cloud


Internet of Things and the Cloud are now accessible to all with Progea and Databoom!

What the advantages of using this product?

Cloud Architecture

Progea Cloud.Databoom is a solution for data collection in the Cloud with modern and cross platform architecture capable of ensuing maximum security and reliability in managing data. This system uses the Google Cloud architecture.

IoT Connectivity

The system integrates simple and native connectivity for the already available IoT protocol, which is already integrated in Movicon.NExT and Connext. This IoT protocol is designed to ensure Cloud technology support thus makes automation architectures based on the Progea solutions extremely simple and reliable. In addition to the Progea IoT connector, the solution also offers support to other IoT protocols such as MQTT, PubNub and others.


The Progea Cloud.Databoom platform has been designed to record Big Data. To enable this it uses non-relational database technology (Mongo DB). The recorded data can be exported locally in the most common formats used.


Data recorded on the Cloud platform can be visualized and analyzed by means of using dashboard configuration tools that are extremely simple and intuitive. Data can be represented in different ways by using simple displays and powerful and fast chart graphics. Effective analysis can be performed by period or by comparing or overlapping difference values.

Account and Team management

Platform access is regulated by a Log In authentication process. The administrator user can manage their own team of users by consenting each one to access and manage a particular dashboard or share one with other team members as well as configure their own analysis. Security is ensured by the Google Cloud infrastructure.

Powerful Features

The platform offers powerful monitoring and analysis functions such as the alarm management and notification when a predefined value or a settable rule has been exceeded, or the virtual signal management obtained by combining or calculating collected data using customizable formulae.


Various formulas are available to allow users to manage the most appropriate platform subscription cost that suits their data management needs best.