Progea offers innovative solutions to create powerful supervisory applications that are open and flexible.


Progea offers sophisticated and innovative architecture geared towards flexibility and simplicity of use that is suitable for all modern automation application types.

The choice for their supervisory applications is a strategic decision and should focus as much on innovation, power, openness and flexibility as on the reliability and manufacturing quality of the company.

Movicon.NExT is a next-generation platform, based on the most innovative and modern technologies. Based on Automation Platform.NExT platform Progea, Movicon.NExT is the SCADA / HMI technology that revolutionizes industrial supervision concepts. A framework.NET specially designed for automation, with plug-in technology to guarantee openness and expandability, bases its architecture Client-Server on the OPC UA information model data.

The new WPF graphics rendering engine uses XAML vector graphics of exceptional quality, offers a new generation of exceptional graphics libraries and supports dynamic 3D graphics. The integrated web client technology is based on HTML5 and APP for Android and iOS. Data collection uses the latest database technology and cloud and supports IoT technology.
A new generation of SCADA/HMI, for your long-term projects.

Movicon 11.5 is a consolidated platform, reliable, flexible, robust. A successful product on the market for a long time, which is appreciated for its robustness and flexibility characteristics. Comprehensive, open, based on traditional technologies that we find in almost all the products of competition: written in C ++ and based on WinForm, offers a flexible client-server architecture to distribute from Windows 10 to Windows CE applications. Offers support to all market database comprises a vector graphics engine based on SVG. In addition to a rich set of functions in an environment of extremely easy and intuitive development, also it has a powerful scripting engine VBA and VB.NET and a PLC type logic engine instruction list. It offers web-based technology and Java Applets on special APP for Android and iOS devices.

The SCADA technology provides powerful solutions to both End Users and the System Integrators.

For End Users:

  • Product reliability and quality.
  • Highly qualified services.
  • Innovation for long term investments.
  • Hardware system independency.
  • Integration openness.
  • Simplicity-of-use and maintenance.

For designers, engineers and developers:

  • Constant technology innovation.
  • Flexibility-of-use.
  • Developing time reductions.
  • Simplicity-of-use.
  • Independency and Openness.
  • Technical Help and Consultancy.

The ideal modular and flexible software technology for your every need and investment protection.


In addition to tools for rapidly creating powerful visualization and control projects, Progea uses the latest technologies to enable your applications:

  • connect to the field and to easily integrate with the entire world;
  • distribute information to the Client Local or Remote;
  • connect to any type of measurement and control device, as required by the Industry 4.0 Directive.

Progea is therefore able to offer software solutions that aim to provide its customers with a long-term partnership, as evidenced by 25 years of market presence and more than 130,000 licenses for applications deployed worldwide.

Two SCADA solutions, two different technologies.