SQL connectivity to communicate with MES/ERP

More and more frequently especially in the area of Industry 4.0, designers need to connect the SCADA/HMI system to the factory management system, very often sharing interchange data on database tables. Progea simplifies this type of need, working in the area of connectivity, just as if you were working with any type of PLC, offering an I/O communication driver to exchange in read-write real-time information with management systems. The new Movicon.NExT SQL Server driver, available in the product driver library, allows you to connect any tag variable, in read-write, to any SQL Server database table, thus allowing everyone to quickly realize systems “Industry 4.0”, connecting the management or third-party applications in a simple and bidirectional way, to the real-time variables of each Movicon.NExT project.
Movicon.NExT therefore greatly simplifies the gateway functions between the operating field (PLC, PAC, Fieldbus) and the management world (MES, ERP, SAP, etc.).