SQL Server Communication Interface

The need of design engineers to connect the SCADA/HMI system to the plant managerial system is becoming increasingly greater.  This need is more prominent within the ambient of Industry 4.0 and other types of IT applications sharing data in database tables. Data sharing procedures and operations are feasible when programming script to manage the connectivity of the databases involved.

However, Progea has thought of ways to simplify this by working on the concept of connectivity, just as if working with any type of PLC, to come up with an I/O communication driver offering to exchange real-time information in read-write with managerial systems.

The new Movicon.NexT SQL Server driver, which is available from the product’s driver library, connects any variable tag type, in read-write, to any SQL Server database table.  This will allow all those concerned to easily and quickly create ‘industry 4.0’ systems that need to bidirectionally connect managerial or third party applications to real-time variables of any Movicon.NExT. This can now be done without reverting to the use of script to the advantage of simplifying project use and reducing development times.

Simply add the driver to your project and configure it like you would do with any other PLC driver by selecting the DB file, table and name and value columns from its properties.  Each tag will point to data that have been preset according the defined polling mode.

Movicon.NExT thus simplifies how the gateway functions between the operating field (PLC, PAC, Fieldbus) and the managerial field (MES, ERP and more).