Solutions based on dynamic geographical maps to manage remote control systems.


Progea offers solutions that allow dynamic Automation Platform.NExT ecosystem geographical map integration for seamless simplicity of use.

Remote monitoring systems are more than just SCADA Supervision systems. A true remote monitoring system must include all map integration functions (GeoSCADA) allowing for georeferencing dynamic data that are gathered by the various RTUs on the field, sorted by location. Solutions offered by Progea make it possible to simply, dynamically and seamlessly integrate maps in Automation Platform.NexT’s system environment. Anyone wishing to place real-time data on maps and manage dynamic georeferenced data will find that Progea is an ideal, cost-effective solution.

A modern remote monitoring system must feature interactive graphical map management, but it must also allow integrating field devices of the past, the present and the future. By using Progea’s remote monitoring solutions, you will have cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, ensuring the option to integrate a full range of sub-systems, for all remote monitoring applications including Water, Energy, Tunnels, Logistic Systems or Infrastructures.
Along with field RTU protocols or remote monitoring-specific protocols, Progea technology supports Industrial IoT technologies and protocols, thus opening new frontiers in terms of remote monitoring systems.

Progea’s GeoSCADA functions allow you to:

  • Integrate maps in remote monitoring systems (e.g. Bing Maps, Google Maps, Streetview), whether available online or saved locally.
  • Georeference dynamic objects on maps using animated graphics, displays, trackers or command objects.
  • Dynamically view design elements, for example tracing shapes or boundaries on the map.
  • Track routes used by mobile vehicles fitted with GPS systems (e.g. refrigerated trucks or any other vehicle type), link collected data.
  • View windows showing further information (e.g. popups) on maps.
  • Add navigation and interactive functions on the map.
  • Manage data groups based on the map’s zoom level.

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Progea offers solutions that seamlessly integrate in the supervision system with options to view and interact with dynamic field data on maps, set controls, track moving vehicles and monitor their functional parameters.

Beside map management, remote monitoring functions developed by Progea offer cutting-edge SCADA/HMI supervision functions, allowing to create open, expandable remote monitoring systems, for exchanging information using all protocols of the most common RTUs or standard protocols such as IEC870 and IEC850, as well as OPC technology.

Open, powerful, expandable remote monitoring thanks to Movicon.NExT:


Integrating the Movicon.NExt GeoSCADA applications will give you greater advantages that include IIoT implementation.

The possibilities of remote monitoring solutions are infinite when integrating the Movicon.NexT Platform technology.  A new-generation automation platform that protects your investments with reduced lead times for developing, launching and expanding your projects.