The Movicon.NExT Project Builder

Movicon.NExT projects are completely customizable and can also be created by using automated procedures.  For instance, wizards can be created autonomously to create or modify Movicon.NExT projects and its many components.

This possibility allows expert users to speed up project development or repetitive procedures of project parts drastically by creating and using custom wizards to help them do so.  For instance, projects can automatically be created with screens, variables, alarms, historian and many other project features, simply by creating the rules to use in order to automatically create the automatic project creation procedures.

This powerful function is based on a component which has been purposely predisposed for this purpose and can be managed from a Movicon VB.NET script or by creating an external tool using

Visual Studio. This Movicon component is called the Movicon.NExT Project Builder. Project designers use it to create automated procedures for creating projects or parts of projects, simply by selecting the import sources (e.g. Excel files or databases of external data) and the not so expert user use a configuration wizard that allows them to define what they want to create leaving the Project builder to perform the necessary to create their desired project with all the resources configured and ready for use.

The Project Buider Component

The Project Builder component is built with an object (.DLL), which is called appropriately from code, and provides the possibility to create or modify numerous Movicon.NExT project resources, by means of using the actual project’s VB.NET script code.  Projects can be launched directly into runtime or through the use of an executable tool autonomously created with Visual Studio. In both cases, the MoviconNextBuilder.dll component, may be managed by means of using with its code to create the automated procedures used to create or modify Movicon.NExT projects, or to request a guided procedure (wizard) for the user to follow in order to create and configure a project or parts of it.

The Project Builder component offers the following functions:

I/O Data Server

All properties regarding Alarms and Tags can be modified/customized.   

  • Create/modify/delete tags
  • Associate/remove and alarm to/from tags
  • Associate/remove historians to/from tags
  • Create/rename/delete folders in the tag list
  • Create/modify/delete dataloggers
  • Add/remove columns to/from dataloggers
  • Create/rename/delete alarm areas
  • Create/rename/delete alarm sources

All properties regarding alarms can be modified/customized.

  • Create/modify/delete alarms
  • Create/modify/delete Prototypes
  • Create/modify/delete Engineering Units
  • Modify the IO server settings (Application Name, etc.)
  • Add/configure/remove comunication drivers


  • Create/modify/delete screens
  • Insert/modify/delete toolbox objects from screens
  • Insert/modify/delete library symbols from screens


  • Add/modify/remove strings
  • Add/remove languages


  • Create/delete parameterization files
  • Create/delete parameters (coy aliases/variables) from parameterization files

The Progea Technical Support Team provides examples on how to use this component by means of using Visual Studio projects and Movicon VB.NET script code.

Movicon.NExT uses some tools which have been developed by Progea to perform specific operations or functions.  One of these is called the Project Builder which is a wizard that can modify a basic Movicon.NExT project in which some of its main features can be customized.