The strategic Omron and Progea Partnership

Omron has chosen Progea as strategic SCADA/HMI software suppliers defining Movicon.NExT as the most innovative and ideal product to complement its products. Omron Industrial Automation is one of the world leading manufacturers of systems and components for all automation sectors.  It is technologically advanced in the solutions it offers ranging from PLC control systems of the latest generation, Motion, Sensors, Robotics, vision systems and HMI and SCADA solutions. Omron Industrial Automation also offers customers consultancy services for all types of applications in the world of automation.  To guarantee that its customers get the most innovative solution offerings, Omron Industrial Automation EMEA has chosen MOVICON Next to provide a flexible and innovative SCADA/Machine SCADA platform that could seamlessly integrate with the Omron control systems and  Industrial PCs.

The Movicon.NExT technology is, in fact, based on software solutions of the latest generation and is perfect for integrating with the Omron Sysmac control systems.

In addition, Omron also evaluated the product’s flexibility in terms of deployment, technology-quality-price ratio, and ultimately the kind of services the Progea technicians were able to offer the Omron technicians to guarantee their customers the best solutions.

“I’m very satisfied with the choice we made and  Movicon.NExT is truly remarkable for the kind of features it has to offer and I’m quite sure that it will add further value to Omron’s solution offerings”, claimed Josep Lario, Product Marketing Manager Software, HMI, IPC of Omron Industrial Automation.

“Progea is very proud to be Omron’s strategic partner.  Omron is one of the most important industrial multinationals in the world and the fact that they will now distribute their solutions integrated with Movicon.NExT is a great opportunity for us to further strengthen our presence in the global market”, confirmed Jean-Marc Willems, Business Developer of Progea who followed this campaign through to the end.