The two parallel paths of Movicon 11 and Movicon.NExT down the same road together


Progea announced the next release of an important update for Movicon 11 with a new 11.6 version supporting HTML5 Web Client in the classic SCADA platform at their recently held 2017 Solution Provider’s day.

This important novelty greatly demonstrates that the Movicon 11 technology is still very dynamic and relevant. “With the advent of Movicon.NExT, some customers have asked whether Movicon 11 has become obsolete.  We clearly remember the great efforts made by Progea to keep the two platforms active even though they are greatly different in deployment and destined for different markets,” says Paolo Fiorani, General Manager of Progea.
“It is obvious that all the major innovations and great work of the company’s R&D department are convergent in Movicon.NExT platform as a future-proof product for the company.  However, Movicon 11 is deeply rooted, very popular and still being greatly appreciated by many.  The choice to invest further in classic technology, with the introduction of l’HTML5, is the result of market demands deriving from important customers and partners who are planning productivity projects on a 5-10 year basis.  We want to give a sound and reassuring answer that the Movicon 11 technology, in as much as it is classic, will always be relevant and aligned with the vast majority of competing SCADA /HMI products today.  Movicon.NExT or rather ‘Next’, however, is another thing”.
It is precisely this, which we want to clarify here. NExT is the latest generation of future-proof SCADA continuously that is evolving with new integrations thanks to its modularity.  Its current version already comes with solutions for Cloud IoT, modules for productivity efficiency and energy efficiency, a Hololens App for augmented reality as well as graphics that are superior in quality to any other SCADA around.  NExT is ready for those who have to tackle new projects. So far, in 2017, we have seen it as a protagonist in ambitious Industry 4.0-oriented projects, in remote hydraulic control systems and in applications with 3D graphics.  The forthcoming 3.3 version, to be released in occasion with the Nuremburg SPS trade fair, promises to be even more reliable and performing.  For those who have always used Movicon, even though the development environments are similiar, NExt is a completely new SCADA that needs to be learnt and used to the full in order to get the best out of it.
Even though similar SCADA/HMI platforms but so different, why are the two technologies being kept active?  Paolo Fiorani’s answer is simple: “If Movicon.NExT represents the future, Movicon still represents the present for many.  Users who are already using the Movicon 11 technology can rest assured that it is still relevant and will always be.  They do not need to change it unless they wish to. It is up to them whether to innovate and pass over to Movicon.NExT or remain with Movicon 11.  It is a decision that does not have to made for a number of years yet.  However, new customers and all those venturing into new medium-long term based projects, can start using the most innovative and modern technology of Movicon.NExT if they want to safeguard investments and know-how, things that most probably cannot be done using those products, on the market, tied to fast becoming bygone technology.”
Therefore, long live Movicon 11! An 11.6 version release is scheduled half way through 2018.  This version key features the possibility to create Web pages in HTML5, both for Win32/64 and WinCE, to offer a modern alternative to the Java technology that appears to be in continuous decline.
The two SCADA technology of Progea, Movicon11 and Movicon.NexT, will continue along the same road together.  In this way, the company can ensure continuity and reliability on one side and innovation without compromise on the other.  It is all down to the customer to choose which one is best to use for their project.