Time Line Graphic

Thinking about supervisory type projects, where there is the need for analysis of historical data. How often does the user needs to visualize a graph to show a chronological status over time?

Let’s look at the instance of analyzing a machine or line status on a time line. For example, we’d like to show the user a time bar for the last month that indicates when the machine is running, not running and in alarm state using different colors.

Movicon.NExT has an object, in the trend objects group of the toolbox, called “States Chart Control”, that does exactly this. This object can be connected to a Datalogger or Historian that records tag (or tags) values and defines the visualization that is intended to be shown.

States Chart Control object, customizable, allows in an easy and quick way as to visualize a trend of the status through the bars,signing them the desired color in accordance to the status recorded in the historian. The result is a chronological bar graph of events, that is represented with different colors of the different statuses (variable value).

Using this trend, it becomes much easier for everyone, without using script code or any advanced configuration, to view analytic dashboards on Movicon screens. With many kinds of graphic representations for viewing historical values in different ways.

Moreover, this object has its own user interface to easily configure in Runtime different time periods, pens and styles.