Expression Syntax

Expression Syntax

  • 24 April 2017 at 6:39 pm #23216

    Hi everybody,
    I have some problem to understand corrdctly the syntax within the Expressions in Movicon.NExT. As far as I understand, I can use it for pointing a bit inside a tag, but there are also a lot of instruction to use, but is not the VB.NET language… any hint? Thanks in advance.

  • 25 April 2017 at 10:10 am #23223

    Hello Robin,
    If you have an object (like a display for example) with a variable associated , let’s image a word variable , if you are using the ” Expression Code for input” field you can write here the syntax “.0”, “.1” , …. “.15” for pointing the single bit inside a tag.
    In addition, if we keep for example the display object for our tests, and we are not adding the bit syntax, but we click over the button […] we open the expression editor. We the small buttons on the right you can select a variable or a function and “add” to the expression (First field of the editor).
    The expression editor uses an “Excel syntax” type for expressions. From this editor, you can perform calculations on multiple variables, so it becomes a very interesting option.
    Keep in mind that you have to keep a tag associated to the object to allow the correct expression execution.
    A couple of examples :
    *1 if you put an expression like “= [x]+1 ” you add 1 in your display tag value.
    “[x]” is the syntax to use the variable associated in the object inside the expression.
    *2 “= [Variable1]+[Variable2]” you will show in the display the sum between the 2 variables values. Keep a variable ” Variable1″ associated to the display anyway to allow the correct expression execution.

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