VB script not working properly

VB script not working properly

  • 17 September 2018 at 7:05 am #27925

    Hi All,

    We are using VB Script and editing(Making changes) in a sample program ES_IOPort_Serial.
    We made few changes in the program as per our requirement and they are working properly.
    The next day we made changes in the script but the that script portion added next day are not executed?
    Any changes done on subsequent day are not considered?

    We are using Windows XP SP3 Operating System


    R B Chavan

  • 18 September 2018 at 10:32 am #27966

    Hi Chavan,
    Let’s say that You are not sharing many details of the problem, so not easy to help for a debug.
    Have you saved and restarted the application to accept the modified code?
    Are you sure you have only one Movicon instance running on that PC?

    Best Regards

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  • 19 September 2018 at 9:06 am #28038

    Dear Robin,

    Thanks for your Suggestions.

    To describe more about the problem I would like to say:

    We added few message box commands MsgBox(“Hello”) in the working code, rest of the code is working but newly added code like message box commands are not responding.

    Also we have tried to save and restart the application to accept the modified code .

    We also tried to put the break point in the working code and tried the debug step by step,

    when the message box commands MsgBox(“Hello”) is executed in debug mode still there is no popup message “Hello” is displayed. Rest code works fine.

    Only one instance of movicon is running on the PC.

    Can it be OS issue??

    Thanks once again for your help


  • 28 September 2018 at 4:26 pm #28801

    Dear Chavan,
    if I well understood your problem , is that you have simply to enable the script resource property > Mode > UI Interface

    I paste here the extract from the help on line:

    UI Interface
    This setting allows you to add the user interface management to the basic script. You need to enable this property when using controls such as “MsgBox” or “Dialog Box” inside the Basic Script.
    The below listed WinWrap functions are not supported when the script’s “Use User interface” property is not activated and cause an error when the AppActivate ,AboutWinWrapBasic,Shell,ShowPopupMenu script code is being loaded.

    I hope this helps

    Best Regards

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