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    8 January 2014 at 5:19 pm #21130

    Hi !
    here my personal experience with the comments:

    In my application in order to add comments in runtime I used  Edit Box-Display object and a string variable.
    In the display you can set the property Style ‘Format Value’ to ‘ % s’ and the Fonts ‘Text Align’ different from center (e.g. left).
    You can disable the ‘spin’.
    You can resize the object to allow the right visibility according to the approx lenght of the test desired; and then, to wrap, just type Ctrl + Enter on the keyboard . That’s the trick, press Ctrl+ Enter to wrap , while you are typing text.

    Finally, the text entered in the display is therefore written to the variable of type String associated with the display itself, if the variable is made retentive will not lose value at the next reboot .

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    7 January 2014 at 5:35 pm #21128

    Hi Erdinc, probably the best solution (rather than using IL or VB) is to exploit the functionality of the Movicon shared memory.

    You could overlap the data Area (e.g. input/output) and the addresses for the 2 variables linked with different PLCs.

    Look at the variable properties , General , Advanced ; the settings are related to the fields ‘Area’ and ‘ Address’.

    You must configure the same area and the same address to the two variables.  The Movicon Shared memory is addressed in bytes. Whenhaving to address a bit you must use the ‘x.x’ syntax (eg. 10.5 = byte 10 bit 5).

    Of course you can also use the IL logic , moving the variable values but I think this method with shared memory uses less resources.

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    17 December 2013 at 1:23 pm #21126

    Hi Pulson!

    I’m working on Movicon a lot and I find this software really fantastic; but I have jammed into this little problem too.
    This problem is solved with the new release of Movicon 11.4.1105 available for the download from the Progea Web Site.
    I also contacted the Progea Tech. Support, they told me that this problem is known and they fixed immediately.
    If you want to keep the version 11.3.1105 please contact them , they will send you a link to download an hotfix with a small procedure. (Now unfortunately, i can’t find the mail they sent to me).
    Otherwise install the last version 11.4 and it works!
    I hope it helps.

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    13 December 2013 at 11:26 am #21122


    You can freely use the trends in your screens, that for the graphical representations of run-time values of your variables ​​( runtime – plotter);  this is possible without enable the datalogger option.
    Instead for represent with the trend object or through the data analysis object historical values ​​it is necessary that this option is enabled in the application licence. (This is necessary to populate the database).

    If you need more information i suggest to contact the Progea Team they are always kind and quick in the answers !

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    27 August 2013 at 4:54 pm #21118


    To start a project from a button you could simply execute a command in the button properties and as action ‘Launch Application’ so in the command line you could use for example the string ‘C:Program FilesProgeaMovicon11.3Movicon.exe /R C:DocumentsTest.movprj’
     according to your installation and projects location; but in this case you will open more instance of Movicon (in your case till 8) and I don’t know if could be ok for your device (Are you speaking about CE Device or a standard Operating System?) It is certainly not advisable to launch more instances especially on CE devices.
    Furthermore the paths of the 8 projects on the SD must be known and set in the startup project ;

    I did not understand the need to create this kind of architecture; maybe  could be interesting also the possibility to create the application using the Child Projects.

    Projects structured with Parent-Child relationships provide many advantages in this case only one instance of Movicon could be opened.


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    14 June 2013 at 9:45 am #21109

    Hi Luis!
    I have also stumbled into this matter with Win7 and deepening the issue I found out that the problem is not attributable to Movicon, because the Win7 does not allow the disabling operation of the StartBar made ​​by the user, even if your are administrator. The poblem could be solved by acting on the Windows API (but I decided do not  use the script for this).

    I solved my issue by enabling one other option ‘Start Full Screen’ always in the properties execution of the project.

     I found info also in the Microsoft Forums…

      There is NO official way to disable Ctrl-Alt-Del (I Start button, etc. ..) from Windows Vista onwards. It is handled at a very low level To ensure that the Secure Logon screen is the legit Windows logon screen and NOT a fake screen shown by malware to capture your passwords.

      The only way to disable Ctrl-Alt-Del is a disassember to break out and do some serious hacking and reverse engineering of Windows core files.

  • Maverick

    For the management of parameters on a webclient, you should change the web page by inserting the necessary checks.

     In this case, you will first need to create the Web page using the ‘Create Web Report Page’ command which becomes available when right mouse clicking on the DataLogger object. Once the Web page has been created (PC will need to have an IIS Web Server properly configured ) The controls used for managing filters must be inserted in the ‘.aspx’ page, containing the report. Need to modify manually inserting code for interacting with the report and to manage filters.

    Then you could use a button that open an Internet Explorer session passing the name of the ‘.aspx’ page to be opened.

  • Maverick

    Hi jacks!
    If  Movicon application crash inserting on object could be an installation problem.
    Try to rebuild the registry in this way:
    C: Program Files Progea Movicon11.3 movicon.exe; launches the executable by holding down the CTRL key
    In addition try to bring down the UAC slider to 0;  If necessary try to reinstall The software.
    Could be also a problems on users rules.

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    22 April 2013 at 5:36 pm #21094

    Hi m.Fiallo
    yes you can use a simple script and the ‘Dataloggerw.Requery’ function or the
    ‘refresh’ function connected with the variable change.

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    22 April 2013 at 5:29 pm #21091

    Hi Cristiano,
    The Movicon objects trends or data analysis, have a built-in limit on the maximum number of records that can handle Execution properties ‘Nr.samples’, with this number (bigger for Data Analysis)  you enter the maximum number of memory samples for the object. Within this limit, if the database is indexed correctly you should not have problems of slow.
    Also for the Datalogger windows you have the set’Max. Rows’.
    How big is the DB? What are the characteristics of the Server PC?
    If the DB is properly indexed, and retrieve data using objects with the correct index you should have no problems of slowness, I’ve never had. (as index  i mean e.g. ‘LocalCol’)

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    19 April 2013 at 11:16 am #21608

    Hi Giuseppe
    Modem GSM is not mandatory for send emails! Modem needs for SMS.
    Obviously the CE device must be in the network! If it is not on the network will need a modem to connect it.
    Need to get the SMTP server defined in the dispatcher tool.

    You can read on the Help file how configure the AlarmDispatcher for the WinCE device:

    – copy the WinCE files ‘AlarmDispatcher.dspt’ and ‘SMTP.stg’ from the panel to the PC in a temporary folder;

    – execute the Alarm Dispatcher and open the ‘AlarmDispatcher.dspt’ project file saved into the temporary folder;

    – configure your ‘E-mail’ plugin with the setting of your SMTP server as for the help

    – Finally you can confirm all, and save the AlarmDispatcher project.

    – Copy the file ‘AlarmDispatcher.dspt’ and ‘SMTP.stg’ from the temporary folder and re-copy them to the WinCE panel into the Movicon installation folder.

    I hope I have been of help

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    18 April 2013 at 1:09 pm #21606

    Good afternoon Stamatiw
    I think VIPA can give you more information, as it has to work on their panel. With CE you have many restrictions.
    I have always used the Progea alarm dispatcher, but I know that with the license  Lite is not available. In fact, I  upgraded to a license MovCE where you can send mail and SMS using the alarm dispatcher tool.

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    12 April 2013 at 5:07 pm #21088

    Hi Jacops!

    Outer Joins are not supported with IMDB


  • Maverick

    Hi Moisés,

    need to use the sintax [VarStruct: member]/10
    DB must be in the ‘Float’ format

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    27 March 2013 at 3:17 pm #21082

    Hi Frifer!
    are you referring to the Data Analysis object in the toolbox?
    if so, you have looked at the pens properties?
    Style > Edit Pens