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    3 April 2017 at 6:59 am #22364

    The hardware requirement are described in the product guide (Manuals or Help On Line). However, please consider:
    1. Development : it should be recomended a PC with i5 or i7, 4 GB RAM, or better 8 GB.
    2. Runtime: it depends from your application project. A simple project can run even on ATOM or CELERON processor (last generation), with 4 GB RAM. Of course better is a CPU i3, i5 or i7 depending from your Client (Screens) needs. Please note that the Client runs better with a specific accelerated graphic card.
    Windows 7 or Windows 7ES, or Windows 10 or Windows 10 IOT are fully supported.
    Progea is working on next generation of low end HMI for ARM processor with Win10 Cloud but work is in progress.

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    2 April 2017 at 7:59 am #22363

    Hello, the Pro.Lean Wizard Configurator works on both your existing project and SQL Server database. The first step of the wizard force you to select your Movicon.NExT project. If the project selected doesn’t contain a valid SQL Server database, you have to create it. This is because the Pro.Lean wizard deploy a “ready-to-use” calculation database based on SQL Server, that includes all the “stored procedures” for the KPI and OEE.
    In case of further info, please contact the Progea’s Support. Thanks.