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    Hi all.

    I want to know how to run an Java applets, created on Movicon, on my android tablet.

    Android version 4.1.

    Can you help me ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Luís vaz


    Hi Luisvaz,

    After configured IIS on the PC with the Movicon project and after created the HTML page on synoptic, you have to download the App on your smartphone from https://www.progea.com/midlet.htm and install it.
    Then you have to configure the connection inserting the Server Name/Address (eg. for a public IP and the User with his password (if on the Server project is enabled the password management). Usually, other settings, are correct, therefore you could already save the connection configuration pressing the Menu key (the button on the bottom left of your smartphone) and selecting ‘Save’.

    Always with the menu key, now you can click on ‘Connect’. Once connected, re-press the menu button to chose the action to do on the project: for example you can chose ‘Open screen’, ‘Get the Alarm List’, and more..

    Clearly, the Server project, must be started before launching the Applet!


    Hi Ian !

    Thanks for answering!

    I’m not able to open a screen with this APP , maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    I’m using IIS server.

    The IP of the PC (server) is (It’s working on another PC)

    and the name of screen that I want to open is ‘Pórtico’.

    What server port should I use ?




    Hi Luisvaz,

    the default port used by the Applet, is the port 12233, so first of all, you could check if on your Server, this Port is opened in the firewall. Moreover, you could also check that this port has been set in the Applet Connection Configuration as ‘Server Port’.

    Finally, I can understand that actually you don’t have a Public IP, so only the device connected to the same LAN can be connected to the Server (eg. for your smartphone using a Wi-fi connection that connect you to the same Network of the Movicon Server).

    Regards and good luck!



    Finally it’s working!

    But I have a 10’1′ tablet (1280*800) and the visual aspect of the objects on the screen is not the best, with the Movicon APP for android. On my PC it works fine.

    Can I do something to improve this ?

    Thanks again!


    Hi Luisvaz,

    in order to use the App in the best way, you could create dedicated pages in your project with the resolution of your phone. If you had created an html page with ‘full screen’ option activated, it’s normal that the screen is auto-resized by the App.

    Best regards, Ian


    I also have now better idea then.

    Orlando, an ipad 2 smart case designer


    Hello everybody,
    I have a little problem about the tag import on Movicon next 4.0 with driver Finds.
    This is the dynamic Tag that I see on the property for the variable declaration UINT32: OmronFinsEthernet.Station=Station0|LinkType=1|Addr=DM1032|Conv=0
    My question is, which is the declaration for the String[30] to insert on the dynamic Tag?
    Thank you

    Amministratore del forum

    Hello Luca,
    this forum topic is related to the Web client issues, please place your request in the correct forum section related to Movicon.NExT or contact our support channels.
    Best Regards

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