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    I need to link to a Codesys 3 Eaton PLC. I see there is a driver for 3S Codesys Ver. 3. I want to connect direct to the PLC with no Codesys gateway or OPC. I have searched on line and in the help and can not get a clear answer. I have tried the station settings:

    PLC Version:Ver. 3
    Type of Connection:DIRECT
    Device IP Address:
    PLC Address also tried 0301.9000.2DDC.C0A8.0A12 which is the PLC number

    other settings are default. I can not connect with the test cable. Is it possible to go direct or do I need another software program running to link. Can anyone help or have a worked example. Thank you.


    Hello Simon,
    Recently CoDeSys driver support has been extended to the EATON seire XC PLC that mounts Firmware v.3.5.14.

    The Driver update is not yet available in official version in the Download section of the Progea web site.

    I can suggest to contact the Progea support with a detailed email to check if possible to anticipate a beta version of the driver to allows a specific test.

    Best Regards


    Thank you I will. I have two big projects coming up with multiple Eaton PLC’s in it and it would be good not to have to use an OPC server.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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