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    Dear friends,

    Hui, I’ve problem with data loggers and the problem is after doing the procedure and running the project I see this error! ” DataLoggerviewers: Invalid object name ‘ name of data logger ‘ “.
    1- I have checked the example you mentioned in the previous post.
    2- When I use Historians I don’t see this error and it works normal!

    Thanks for your help.



    Hello Farid,
    This is definitely a problem on your environment.
    Probably the datalogger table is not created correctly in your DB.

    -Check if you have installed a SQL version (e.g. default is SQL Express).

    -Check with the SQL Management studio tool (you can install it from the Microsoft site) that the DB is generated, that the table corresponding to the datalogger has been created and that there are the expected records according to the datalogger configuration.
    -check the project logs (logs folder)

    This should help in debugging the problem you are experiencing.

    Best Regards


    Hello Brian,

    Thanks for your reply. I know that the problem come up in my environment but I don’t exactly
    where is my error!
    In SQL management, I check the DB and I have two DB. One is default one installed by Movicon
    and next one is the one installed by me manually before installing software with a unique name.
    But when I add data logger viewer in my project and after setting the DB name, even if I set
    connection string or not no table will created in my DB and after running the project in the
    viewer I have an error that I mentioned in my first message.


    Hi Alien,
    I can suggest you review the settings in the preinstalled example
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Progea\Movicon.NExT\ExampleProjects 4.1\DataloggerAndHistorian
    This is base on a local SQL Express instance (local\SQLEXPRESS) & SQL Windows authentication.
    Are you using a Windows authentication or an SQL Authentication in your SQL instance?
    Maybe is an user right issue, you should find more info in the project logs.

Stai visualizzando 4 post - dal 1 a 4 (di 4 totali)
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