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    Hi Everyone,
    I’ve using Movicon Next Alarm Dispatcher for a year in my project. For some reason, I’ve created a new project with the same Configuration with a Different Project Name. I’ve configured the required changes in Screen, IO Server also Users. But I’m stuck in Copying the Notifications from my other project. I’ve Been created a Plugin and Configured Alarm Dispatcher Settings as required.

    I need to know how to copy the configured notifications from an old project to the new project. I tried to copy the whole alarm dispatcher folder from an old project and modified the database settings and application name as required, but still, I’m getting a Socket error.

    Kindly support me with this.

    Praveen Raj.K


    Hello Sir,
    In my application, which is recurring (the projects often differ little) I work like this:
    -I keep the two projects open in the same editor
    -I redefine the Alarm Dispatcher Plugin, usually the plugin is unique and I use a “sender” account for each application, so this is not a problem.
    -I copy/paste the notifications from one project to another directly in the editor and then I go to check
    in the execution property of the notifications in the “Notification \ Tag Area” this to align it to my new project (e.g. when I change the alarm areas & folders structure in the I/O Server)
    – Obviously I use notifications Type “Server” which in my opinion is the most performing methodology having already defined the alarms on the server I am not recreating them locally in the alarm dispatcher. I just connect my alarm areas…
    So I don’t feel the need for an exporter / importer tool for this feature.


Stai visualizzando 2 post - dal 1 a 2 (di 2 totali)
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