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    I want to establish communication between SIMATIC S7-1500 and a VIPA panel using Movicon 11.5.
    As communication driver I chose S7 TIA Symbolic (release DBL270) from Siemens. When I hit Test Cable\Comm button from Stations, a “Succeed” message is returned.
    I created 7 variables (4 digital and 3 analogs). For them I assigned the addresses from PLC, but none of the values are displayed on my panel.
    [DRV]S7 TIA Symbolic.Sta=PLC1500|Addr=DB1.DBX0.1|TypS7=S7_Bool is an example of addressing a digital variable. What did I do wrong?
    Many thanks in advance!


    Hi Ionut,
    The S7 TIA Symbolic is not for Win CE, because it uses some libraries that are not compatible with this operating system.

    You have to use the S7TCP driver that implement the ISO over TCP protocol .
    Refer at the driver help , hardware information, there is a specific topic called “PLC Siemens S7-1500 Configuration”.
    I found very interesting information here!

    In particular remember to configure:

    -Permit access with the GET/PUT functionality when communicating with remote partners , put this flag.
    I had forget this the last time when I’ve tryed the connection. 🙂
    -Ensure that all the Data Blocks have absolute pointing (displayed in the offset column): do not check the option: “Optimized block access”.



    Hello, MAVERICK!
    Thanks for replying!
    I have 3 drivers from Siemens for TCP communication:
    “Ethernet S7-200-300-400 TCP”
    “Ethernet S7-300/400 TCP”
    “Ethernet S7-1200/1500 TCP”
    When I try to connect through one of the first 2 drivers and test the communication, I get a “Failed” message. If I try to connect through the last driver the test communication succeeds.
    I didn’t find the setting you mentioned above regarding to permit access with the GET/PUT functionality when communicating with remote partners. Where should I look for this setting? In TIA or Movicon?


    I have found that setting in TIA in CPU security and everything works fine. Many thanks for your help!

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    Great information it was useful…

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