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    Movicon 11 had a more robust tag import capability for Modbus tags. According to the documentation, Next only supports a csv file containing a tag name, dataytpe, description, and address field. The address field must be formatted with a prefix designating the Modbus FC and then the register number. There does not appear to be a way to indicate that words or bytes need to be swapped. In my case it’s necessary to swap words. Is there some way this can be done besides laboriously editing each tag in the IO Data Server after they’ve been imported?

    Incidentally my application is using a Yaskawa motion controller which outputs a csv file tailored specifically for Movicon 11 but which is not able to be imported by Next, and I’m using Next for HMI’s with Yaskawa systems.


    Hi Blanton,

    The Modbus driver support the tags importer; I think the approach on Movicon.NExT is the same then Movicon 11.
    Modbus protocol is open and it could depend on how it is implemented/customized by the device supplier.

    at this link i found the help topic:


    I can suggest to procede in a different way , with modbus driver, where there is no a standard in the importing files…

    Create a minimal test project with only one variable and the driver configured, try to put in communication this variable type , when the communication is well established you can try with a different variable type….
    Then to speed up the job and perform a massive variable replication
    You can use the tool > Import /Export Tags
    So export on csv these working variables “template” and in the csv you can quickly adapt the variable name and the addresses…

    Then import back…

    So use the tags importer/exporter not the driver importer…


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    I have been able to follow that documentation in the link you provided to guide me through building a modified version of the csv file that I’d like to be able to import into something that will import successfully. I then needed to manually update each tag as needed to swap words for floats and DINTs, change the function code for bools, etc. I have nearly 800 tags so this was time consuming, but I’ve been able to make it work.

    Yaskawa exports a csv file tailor-made for movicon 11, but I have not been able to import that same file into Next either through the tags importer/exporter or the driver importer.

    I had not considered exporting tags from Next to try to match that format, then re-import. I will certainly give that a try. Thanks.

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