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    Good day to you All.

    Anyone has experienced reading Modbus TCP IP and BACnet IP from Movicon.Next?
    Is there a step by step guide for this ?

    Thank you,

    Best Regards,
    Andrie Irawan

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    Hello Andrie,
    The best approach with the Movicon.NExT product goes especially in the initial phase with a training course where these details are explained, one topic is how to configure the communication drivers.
    We kindly ask you to contact your commercial references to plan a training and choose the most appropriate way (Pre-scheduled Webinars or Training on demand boh are available).

    Here you can follow some registered webinars (they are on the previous version but the settings involved are almost the same)

    Recorded Trainings

    Best Regards

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    Thank you for your explananation.
    I have followed the tutorial but the result was always error “could not be found in the server address space”.
    For training, we already discuss about it and will arrange for the training schedule.

    Thank you,


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