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    I’m trying to communicate with a MoviconCE HMI to a codesys PLC.
    During Movicon Codesys driver configuration I can check the communication with the PLC and it seems Ok, I can also import the variable, reading it from the PLC (the edge gateway is correctly running on it), but when I run the Movicon Project into the HMI, I get “communication error 87” and my variable remains to “0”.
    Using a x86 PC (my developing PC) and the same Movicon project I can read the variable correctly.
    So it seems that the CE HMI has not all the requisites needed but I cannot get any information about this.
    Somebody can help me?


    Hi Nicola,
    Have you transfer the correct CE driver version on the CE Panel according the manual?

    Communication Driver installation

    The Communication Drivers do not need any particular installation procedures. Simply copy the “.dll” files desired to the WinCE device in the Movicon CE “Drivers” folder. These files are on the PC desktop in subfolders in the “MovXCESetup” folder:

    PocketPC -> for Pocket PC devices

    StandardSDK\ARMV4I -> for WinCE panels with ARMV4I processors

    StandardSDK\x86 -> WinCE panels with x86 processors

    the Driver CoDeSys need a Gateway in order to communicate with the controller, direct communication is not possible.

    The Gateway normally is running directly on the PLC, otherwise can be installed directly on the panel (you have to search a WinCE version of the Gateway) or in a different PC on the network.


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    I think the HMI has the correct driver in the MovxCE\Drivers folder (CodeSys.dll). The Codesys gateway is running on the PLC.
    I think that if I want to have the edge gateway I’ll need also the GWclient.dll (but I cannot find it anywhere).

    A strange think is that the “Test cable/communication” of Movicon is OK also if I select “DIRECT” in the type of connection, probably because it makes only a PING.


    Hi Nicola
    For this driver, the communication test try to connect to the PLC with the selected Station parameters.

    In order to establish the connection with the PLC, a valid program must run and the program symbols must be exported. Please, refer to the PLC and development environment documentation for more information and operating procedures


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