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    I have an issue with ProLean V4.1.60 Wizard, it will not go passed Step 4 (Resources) after the relevant information has been entered.

    If the wizard is cancelled and restarted when you get to step 4 again the previously entered information is not shown on the wizard and you cannot enter any data as the wizard will not allow any information to be entered and you cannot move onto the next step.

    On investigation when the resource information was originally entered in the wizard it has been written to the SQL database and can be viewed from Microsoft SSMS.

    Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


    If the project has been copied or moved from one server to another probably an incorrect connection string has been left on the variable “OEE_CnnString_OEE”, check the content and initialization value of this variable among the properties. I noticed that this could block the wizard.


    Hi Thom,
    Many thanks for your response, you are correct with your comments. I had spoken to technical support a couple of weeks ago and they said the same and it was the case I.e. the connection string was pointing at the old server.
    Thanks again.

Stai visualizzando 3 post - dal 1 a 3 (di 3 totali)
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