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    I’m using Movicon 11.6 with VIPA touch panel (Windows CE), and S7-1200 1215.
    After pushing a button on the touch panel, it takes 5-10 seconds until the bit is changed in the S7-1200.
    I also tried with VIPA PLC, it works normally, reacts immediatelly, but not if I use Siemens.

    Do you have any idea, what to check?

    Thank you in advance!



    Hi Benedek,
    5-10 seconds is an excessive delay. Surely you need to optimize something at the communication driver level (driver settings) or try to act on the cycle time on the PLC. Which settings did you configured?

    Some personal recommendations:
    -Use a recent version of the driver

    -Check the settings / special configurations of the PLC involved to use this PLC with the S7TCP driver (driver Help > Hardware Information > S71200/1500

    -If the slowness is only in the commands , check the communication task configuration in the variable.

    If the task is :

    This option sets the task as ‘Read-Write’.

    try to set:

    Exception Output This option sets the task as ‘Write Only’, thus managing data on exception, which means only when there is a data change in the Supervisor.
    This I hope will solve your problem , because it does not wait the reading from the PLC, it immediately write the value over the exchanged variable , it is the correct setting for buttons to dispatch manual commands from the HMI …


Stai visualizzando 2 post - dal 1 a 2 (di 2 totali)
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