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    I had a question regarding the I/O Data Server. What is the difference between the Web client I/O data Server and the Movicon.NExT application I/O Data Server? why are there two options to start the server on the application?

    If I wanted my Web Client to have my I/O Data server startup from an accidental power loss. Which Data Server would I choose in the Services?

    I have attached a link with two photos with the different I/O Data Server.

    I/O Data Server

    Thank you


    You would normally use the application I/O data server as this brings tags into the I/O tag database where they can be used on screens, for alarms, by the Historian/Data Loggers etc.

    See http://www.movicon.info/HelpNExT4.0/en-US/PlatformNext.htm#t=Start_Runtime%2FAvvio_automatico_dalla_riga_di_comando.htm&rhsearch=startup&rhhlterm=startup&rhsyns=%20 for starting the project within a shortcut or a batch file.

    Platform.NExT supports the Windows Services as I/O Server and for running Script logic. A service can be set to automatic to start when Windows starts.


    Hello Erpbibico,

    looking at your print screens You are in the service control panel (where you start the application services when needed).

    The difference between the mentioned services is substantial:

    The I/O data Server is the heart of the application that manages the variables, the communication drivers, the alarms, the interfaces with the DB ect.
    The I/O server in a Movicon.NExT “Server” application must always be started, and you can do it in different ways, as a service (from the service control panel) or starting the full application within a shortcut or a batch file as mentioned from stevwrd.

    WebClient (WPF) is another thing, this service can only be started from there, and it is used to connect via web the application when using the mobile apps for Android or iOS.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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