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The company and products logo can be downloaded from this section, under the indicated terms of use.

Terms of use

The conditional use logos displayed below may be used on Web sites and in printed materials without specific written permission under the following conditions:

  • Progea and Movicon must be fully acknowledged and declared by you as trademarks and copyrights of Progea S.r.l. Italy.
  • You shall agree to comply at all times with the Movicon License agreement applicable to all copyrightable work released by Progea including product documentation and projects released under those terms and with regard to copyrights of all other work published by Progea.
  • You acknowledge Progea as sole right to trademarks for the Movicon name and logo and agree not to register or seek to register any of these trademarks including the name or logo in any country whatsoever. You further agree to have no rights whatsoever to the conditional use logo or sticker.
  • There shall be no cause for misunderstanding of your intentions and use of the Movicon products and their implications to the content of the correlated materials endorsed by the Movicon products.
  • Usage of logos must not be detrimental, i.e., harmful or damaging, to the value of any of the Movicon and Progea trademarks, brand integrity, reputation or goodwill, in connection to certain use of products, services or other content that is considered (a) vulgar, obscene, or pornographic, (b) includes statements concerning Progea or the Movicon products that are libelous, slanderous or otherwise defamatory, (c) would be considered a criminal offense or would encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense or (d) would create any civil liability.
  • The logo shall not be increased in size or modified in any way unless permitted by Progea to decrease in size without disfiguring the logo.
  • You shall agree to indemnify Progea against any legal or costs created by your use of the sticker or logo.

All uses of conditional use logos or stickers must be in full compliance with the trademark, licensing and related policies as published by Progea and which are subject to change without prior notice. These policies and the conditions listed above are also subject to change without prior notice. Any changes will be available on this Web site. By using the conditional use logos or stickers, you agree to the terms stipulated here within.

Progea has the right to withdraw any permission granted to you at any time whatsoever and upon doing so you agree to refrain from using all conditional use logos or stickers immediately.