Movicon.NExT licensing policy

Movicon.NExT licensing model is simple, flexible and modular. It is fully adaptable to your every need and helps limit costs based on your application requirements.

Our licensing model is simple, flexible and modular. It is fully adaptable to fit your every need, helping to reduce project costs by only paying for what is necessary for the application.
Movicon.NExT offers a Client-Server license model based on the number of tags exchanged with field devices like PLCs.  It also has some optional features that can be purchased when necessary.

The all inclusive development environment (Editor) is used to create any type of Movicon.NExT project allowing you to purchase the Runtime License most suitable for your project needs.

The purchase of the Editor License entitles you with access to first level technical support.

Runtime sized by Tag count

The Movicon.NExT runtime licenses are sized based on the number of PLC tags created in the project and exchanged through any of the native protocol drivers.
A tag is defined as any variable “connected to the field or PLC” in bit, byte, word, float and double/long (64bit), even when defined as an array or structure member. Single bits of a byte, word and other variable types can be accessed as well.

Note: each member of a Structure or Array type variable count as one tag.
Note: internal tags are not counted (those not connected to the PLC).

Runtime License Types

The runtime licenses are offered as Server only, Client only or Server + Client versions.

  1. SCADA PRO (Server + Client): I/O Server, HMI Client, PLC Drivers, Alarm Manager, Recipes, Historian, Scheduler, and Logic.
  2. Server only: I/O Server, PLC Driver, and Alarm Manager.
  3. Client only: HMI Client (connected to I/O Server or other OPC UA Servers).
  4. Web Client: option on server for access via HTML5 web browser or APPs (iOS, Android, and Windows).

Starting Price

€ 800



Download License and Option Table

Demo Mode

Download the official Movicon.NExT license and options list.
Contact your local sales agent for pricing and terms.