The universal software: from SCADA/MES projects
to small HMI Linux-based

Movicon.NExT ™ 4.0 is the new industrial software platform that offers the most innovative and flexible software technology for Window/Linux HMI projects, for SCADA supervisory systems, efficient MES analysis solutions that are essential to Industry 4.0.

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Automation professionals can have a modular solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and Industrial Analysis.
The Movicon.NExT™ project was born to overcome the limits of traditional SCADA/MES/HMI technologies. Based on more modern technological solutions, it creates the basis for a long-term investment without compromise.

What are the advantages of using this product?

Movicon.NExT™ is able to offer unimaginable
openness and integration in the world of automation


Based on the concepts of “Plug-In”, it allows maximum interoperability with the system, so much so that it can integrate new functional modules into the Progea Framework, fully customizing its own .NET solutions.


Designed to ensure maximum scalability, and allows you to use a single configuration environment for modular solutions in a simple and flexible way.

Fast Engineering

Thanks to wizards and templates, symbol libraries and toolboxes, development times are drastically reduced.

Conforms to standards

It is a software technology completely based on market standards, from which openness and reliability derive.

Maximum Security

Security is guaranteed both in data management between client and server, and in User and Password management thanks to various authentication models.


It is based on the innovative OPC UA technology. This guarantees maximum connectivity natively to any device or application module based on this technology, which offers unmatched characteristics for safety and performance.

Why Movicon.NExT?

Find out how simple it is to use Movicon.NExT 4.0

Powerful Alarm Management

The Server Alarm Management allows you to configure and manage the project alarms and event messages in a complete and customizable way, guaranteeing maximum precision in event management with maximum completeness of information for operators. Alarms and Messages can be configured to manage ON, OFF, ACK, RST and SHELVE events, according to ISA S-18 and the OPC UA A&E specification.

Reports, Trends and Data Analysis

Wherever you have decided to record your historical data, Movicon.NExT has powerful tools for analysis and reporting. Trends, Graphs, Tables, Data Analysis and a powerful integrated Report Designer offer sophisticated analysis solutions, both locally and via the web. The historical data analysis in Movicon.NExT is totally integrated, does not require additional tools and allows any type of access to the DB, data extraction and graphical or tabular representation. The Report Designer allows the creation and management of local or web reports, with unmatched potential. Web Dashboards allow data analysis via HTML5 Web Client.

Historian and Data Loggers

The Movicon.NExT™ Data Server allows efficient recording of all data managed by the Automation Platform.NExT platform, both with Historian and Data Logger technology. VFS (Virtual File System) technology offers data abstraction with respect to the recording medium. By default, the data is recorded in Ms SQL Server format, but it is possible to use the connectors already prepared for Oracle, My SQL databases or to use Cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure.

A new era of supervision.

The software architecture designed to form the basis
of modern automation systems.

Exceptional new generation XAML graphics

It allows the creation of new dynamic vector graphic interface systems, both 2D and 3D. Graphic libraries completely redesigned to provide the highest quality objects and symbols.

Web Client

To ensure maximum portability on platforms and operating systems different, thanks to the standard and maximum performance and graphics.

and Reliability

The speed in communication and in the management of realtime data and the optimization of the graphics guarantee maximum technology without sacrificing performance.

Movicon.NExT is compatible with Windows 10.

Movicon.NExT is supported by Progea in Windows 10 operating System (all editions) and is fully supported in the Windows 10 Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business.

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