Movicon Power HMI and
Movicon CE license policy

Movicon 11 allows you to create projects HMI versions using the same editor managed with the Movicon Power HMI license for Win32/64 and Movicon CE for Windows CE. These specific product versions are simple but powerful HMI application-oriented based on a cost-effective business policy that is particularly favourable for Operator Panels.

The Movicon 11 HMI versions  offersa HMI license model for both PC and WinCE panel versions using the same Movicon 11 Editor environment.  These licenses are reduced in some of those features that are commonly used in SCADA by managing a limited number of exchanged variables with the field (expressed in bytes).  However, they do offer  users the ability to use the same Editor and the same technology used in the Movicon 11 SCADA for small HMI applications at a most affordable price.

The schema below shows the HMI Runtime license distribution concepts:

Editor (Design Environment)

The Editor License is the same for any Movicon 11 application for SCADA, HMI or WinCE.  It allows you to create any type of Movicon HMI project with entitlement to first level technical support access.

Runtime sized by I/O byte count

The runtime licenses for Movicon HMI have some limitations. The number of I/O bytes (mapped in variables) exchanged with the field is predefined by the type of license used.
Each byte corresponds to 8 bits of any variable “connected to the field”. Variables in bit, byte, word, float and double/long 64 bit type, as well as structures or arrays, can also be declared.  Individual bits in byte, word and other variable types can be  pointed to.  However, the total amount of bytes exchanged simultaneously with the field will determine the size of the license.

  • Note: the license only counts those variables in use and exchanged with the field and not internal Tags.
  • Note: A bit data type will Always be counted as a byte in structure type variables.

For instance, if your project needs to exchange 100 connected 16 bit analog variables with the field, you will need to get a 256 I/O byte Runtime license.

Runtime Type Licenses

To facilitate your choice in license, the Run-Time licenses come in both PRO and LT for Server, Client, and Client/Server versions.

  1. PowerHMI for PC
  2. HMI for WinCE Lite
  3. HMI forWinCE Standard

Starting Price

€ 45

Runtime WinCE

Each, for a batch of 1000 licenses

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Demo Mode

When no license is detected at startup, Movicon will alert the user and run in ‘Demo mode’ with a fully functional editor and a maximum Runtime limit of two hours.