The Movicon Pro.Energy
licensing policy

Movicon Pro.Energy is an optional software module for Movicon.NExT that comes with a simple, modular and flexible licensing policy that cost effectively adapts to your every application need.

Pro.Energy offers an optional cost model and requires a Movicon.NExT SCADA PRO license sized adequately to the number of energy counters to be purchases.  The Pro.Energy model comes complete with a Wizard and calculation SQL Server database.  Unless you have any particular requirements, the use of  SQL Server Express is sufficient and included for free.

The scheme below shows the license modularity concepts:


A wizard is used to create projects.  This is done by using the wizard’s step-by-step procedures to insert the various system parameters needed to calculate energy consumptions and costs.  The module’s configuration is based on a I/O data project previously created with Movicon.NExt.

Runtime Type Licenses

The Pro.Energy module requires a Movicon.NExt PRO Runtime license sized adequately to, or more than, the number of measures needed.

  1. An Energy point is a Tag in Floating Point format.
  2. The module includes an automatic wizard, calculation database and reports for Energy Consumptions, Date/Time Range Comparisons, Tariff Rate Managment.
  3. The Reports feature can be web-enabled by enabling the Movicon.NExt HTML5 Web Client function (Reports are not available on apps).
  4. Microsoft SQL Server licenses are not included (consider using the free SQL Express). 
  5. Any eventual customizing to screens, alarms, notifications, logic, energy load balancing or other configurations can be done as pleased on the Movicon.NExt supervisor.

Starting Price

€ 600

5 Energy measures

Option Module

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Movicon Pro.Energy

Demo Mode

When no license is detected at startup, Movicon will alert the user and run in ‘Demo mode’ with a fully functional editor and a maximum Runtime limit of two hours.