Movicon WebHMI

100% web technology, scalable and

The solution integrated in the Movicon.NExT™ technology to create HMI web and Cross-Platform applications, based on the Web Server technology, with 100% hardware and operating system independence.

Movicon WebHMI is the solution for running Movicon.NexT projects with Web technology, offering hardware independent I/O Server and Web Server for scalable and powerful HMI visualization.

What are the advantages of using this product?

Movicon technology for WebHMI is the visualization solution that allows you to always achieve maximum success with minimum effort.


The Connext I/O Data Server is used as part of the WebHMI solution to allow PLC connectivity using OPC UA. Open connectivity with any other OPC UA Server.


WebHMI projects are created with Movicon.NExT that adapts functionalities according to the target destination.


WebHMI is designed to be cross-platform and hardware independent and supports both Linux and Windows.

to standards

It is a software technology completely based on market standards, from which openness and reliability derive.


Security is guaranteed both in data management between client and server, and in User and Password management thanks to various authentication models.

Web based

Movicon WebHMI is completely web based and uses both the HTML5 and SVG technology.  Graphics rendering is completely managed through browser on web client side.

Why Movicon WebHMI?

Visualization with HTML5 web browsers

The WebHMI Web Server deploys HTML5 pages representing the display screens as created with Movicon.NExT.
Clients are based on Web browsers and can be local to the device such as a HMI control panel, or remote such as a PC or mobile device.
WPF graphics are automatically converted into SVG.

Alarms, Historian, Data Analysis

The Movicon WebHMI comes complete with powerful features that provide solutions that make it versatile, functional and complete.

Editing & Deployment projects

WebHMI offers the great advantage of using the Movicon.NExT™ Editor itself, making the system extremely scalable. The editor adapts to the limitations provided but allows you to scale any project upwards, or integrate it into the ecosystem of the platform, offering the great advantage of having a single open, scalable and independent of all types in the company of hardware.

Much more than a simple HMI

An all-inclusive Development Tool for creating projects for direct deployability
on connected Web Server devices.


Unlimited Clients

WebHMI technology is designed to be independent from the number of clients connected.

Integrated in Movicon.NExT

Movicon WebHMI is integrated in Movicon.NExT. Just the one editor and projects can be run in Web HMI or SCADA WPF mode.

& Reliability

The speed in communication and in the management of realtime data and the optimization of the graphics guarantee maximum technology without sacrificing performance.

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