Movicon WebHMI

100% Cross-Platform and Scalable Web Technology

An integrated Movicon.NExT™ technology solution to create Web HMI and Cross-Platform applications, based on the Web Server technology, that are 100% independent of hardware and operating systems.

Movicon WebHMI is the solution to use for running Movicon.NExT projects with Web technology that is hardware independent and offers both I/O Servers and Web Servers for scalable and powerful HMI visualization.

What are the advantages of using this product?

The Movicon WebHMI technology is the ideal solution for immediate and effortless HMI visualization success over the web.


The WebHMI solution includes the Connext I/O Data Server which allows connectivity to all PLCs using OPC UA. It is also open to connections to any other OPC UA Server.


WebHMI projects are created with Movicon.NExT that features to the target destination.


WebHMI is also a cross-platform and hardware independent solution that supports Linux and Windows.

Conforms to standards

The Movicon WebHMI software technology conforms to standards for its openness and reliability.

Maximum Security

Security is ensured both while managing data between Client and Server as well as in the User and Password management by using various authentication models.

Web Based

Movicon WebHMI is totally web-based and uses both the HTML5 and SVG technology. Graphics rendering is managed in the browser on Web Client side.

Why Movicon WebHMI?


Visualization using HTML5 web browsers

The WebHMI Server deploys HTML5 pages to display screens created with Movicon.NExT. Clients are based on Web browsers and can be local on the device as a HMI control panel, or on a remote PC or mobile device. WPF graphics are automatically converted to SVG.

Alarms, Historian, Data Analysis

The Movicon WebHMI comes complete with powerful features to offer versatile, functional and all-inclusive solutions.

Projects Editing & Deployment

WebHMI is extremely scalable and offers the great advantage of using the Movicon.NExT Editor. Even though the Editor adapts to the limited capabilities of the WebHMI, it allows any project to be scaled up or integrated into the platform’s ecosystem. This offers companies the great advantage of being able to have just the one open, scalable and hardware-independent system in the company.

Much more than a simple HMI

An all-inclusive Development Tool for creating projects that can be directly deployed in connected Web Server devices.

Unlimited Clients

The WebHMI technology does not restrict the number of users that can connect at any one time.

Integrated in Movicon.NExT

WebHMI is integrated in Movicon.NExT. One editor only and projects can be run in WebHMI or WPF SCADA mode.

& Reliability

Speedy communications and real-time data management as well as enhanced graphics are ensured with advanced technology without comprising performances.

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