The MTConnect® driver provides access to the rapid implementation, ease of use and scalability of Movicon.NExT™ automation platform

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (March 28, 2022) – Helping to bring computer numerical control (CNC) machines into the modern data analysis highly connected IIoT automation environment, Emerson today introduced its new MTConnect® driver for the Movicon.NExT™ 4.1.333 industrial control platform. This driver connection has the potential to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and increase productivity and profitability throughout the enterprise. This will allow vital data, that was previously isolated and inaccessible, to now be easily collected from machines, tools, robots, devices and other manufacturing equipment, and brought into the Movicon.NExT platform for use and decision-making at both the machine/operational level and the enterprise level.

MTConnect is a standard open-source communication protocol, defined by ANSI/MTC1.4-2018, that is used in manufacturing to control devices, primarily CNC machines, and allows the acquisition of parameters related to the axes of processing machines (e.g., milling, lathing, laser cutting). In this age of Industry 4.0, the MTConnect driver expands the capability of the Movicon.NExT platform to connect production data from manufacturing. The MTConnect driver is a read-only device that does not allow individual parameters of the axes to be programmed. Data collected from the machine is typically recorded in a database and used to monitor the machine while in operation or perform subsequent analysis.

The connection of CNC processing machines to a platform with the flexibility, scalability and intuitive ease of use of the Movicon.NExT solution brings manufacturing into a modern operations technology environment not generally available.

Customers can download the new MTConnect.