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Movicon.NExT 3.2 – Out now!

Another step was achieved by Progea over the roadmap for the technological evolution of Movicon.NExT platform, officially releasing version 3.2.
According to Maurizio Zaniboni – Product Manager R & D – the version 3.2 is a milestone in the evolutionary path of Movicon.NExT, which already counts hundreds of community users whom provide with useful feedback. This new release also include a set of bug fixes.
The work of the Progea R & D team will never stop – even in August – having as main goal the release of a new version 3.3 in time for the SPS 2017 fair in Nuremberg.
Among the new features included, here below a brief list of the most important ones:

  • Workspace: Improved the window property for multiple tags editing, and new views for the main properties.
  • Workspace: Optimized the time for saving projects that contain big amount of tags.
  • User Interface: Implemented a proprietary software keyboard, in order to avoid the use of the O.S. keypad.
  • User Interface: Support of different themes in Runtime
  • Web Client: Improved web clients management, with automatic synoptic adapting to the browser window, and the possibility to set the starting page (title, logo, header bar, navigation bar). Script support on web instances
  • Geo SCADA: Improved the main page features: possibility to open a screen on specific areas. Added the object clustering management in relation to the zoom level.
  • Historian: Support of SQL data aggregation, improving performances of Big Data analysis.
  • Historian: Support of compact databases like SQL Server Compact and Local DB.
  • Screens: Increased the screen loading speed , with specific focus on synoptics that contain script code in the objects.
  • Screens: New function that add a “command list” to the object present in the screen, if needed.
  • Screens: New function “visibility” as integration of the “opacity”
  • Toolbox: New object “Check Box Array” and improved usability and functionality of several objects.
  • Commands: New function options in the command like “Long Clic” or synchronous commands.
  • Drivers: Possibility to modify the dynamic I/O link during runtime, using an external configuration file.
  • Drivers: Improved performances of several drivers importer.
  • Drivers: New IOT driver for cloud “IotProgeaCloud”, engineered for Cloud Progea.Databoom
  • Alarm Dispatcher: new plugin for VOIP messages
  • Recipes: Improved performances of recipes execution command, in case of big amount of tags.
  • Security: Implemented security on encrypted projects management.

Many other minor features was introduced to allow users improving their design experience using the most innovative and modern software technologies, such as WPF, OPC UA, Cloud, HTML5 etc.
The Projects realized by previous versions of of Movicon.NExT are fully compatible. However, once saved with ver. 3.2 the project cannot be opened with the previous version.
The upgrade to 3.2 is free and the software can be downloaded from the Progea Website.

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