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Movicon.NExT 3.4.269 Release: Web access to data using QR Code.

It is very handy for complex and distributed plant system operators to obtain real-time information, related to the part of the plant they are located in, instantly by using their mobile phone to access the plant supervisor.

For instance, operators or maintenance personnel who work in large plants can use their mobile device to read QR Code, applied in specific areas, in order to display screen pages containing the data and commands relating to the specific area of interest on their device.  In this way, the operator will get direct access to the necessary information without wasting time to browse through the plant’s screen pages. Direct access is immediate and contextual to the area of interest and will not only save users a great deal of time in getting access to information but it will also make a noticeable reduction in production downtimes and, consequently, improve productivity and maintenance interventions.

When using Movicon.NExT (rel. 3.4.269) in design mode, you can create a QR Code for each specific screen page containing the necessary information, and print and apply it in those parts of the plant desired. Plant operators and maintenance personnel can then use the Web Client App to connect to the supervision server, then activate their device’s camera with a simple swipe up to frame and read the QR Code. The App will automatically display the associated screen page to provide the user with all the real-time information they need and the possibility to set operation commands, request contextual historical information, manage alarms and setup or maintenance operations. Managing complex plants is now much easier for operators working on the plant floor with Movicon.NExT.

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