Movicon.NExT: version 3.4 coming soon

The 3.4 version of Movicon.Next will be released to coincide with the SPS IPC Drives Italy tradefair and comes enriched with new features, new drivers and improvements to the web functions. One such improvement has enhanced the use of the Alarm Dispatcher with the possibility to send notifications via Telegram and WhatsApp using the modern ‘Push’ technology.
These are some of the new key features and improvement to expect in version 3.4:

• Alarm – Possibility to use the tag’s timestamp as alarm activation date and time.
• Alarm Dispatcher – Possibility to enable/disable notifications using a tag. New plugin for sending notifications with Telegram and WhatsApp.
• Text To Speech – to allow vocal alarm messages or texts from the string table. Custom texts can also be turned into speech using a script interface.
• Data Analysis and Trend – Refactoring to standardize the scale behaviour of both objects. A possibility has been added to combine real-time data with historical data in these objects.
• Drivers – New SQL Server driver to consent value sharing of one or multiple project tags with a SQL Server database so that external applications can read and write them. Support to new DeltaLogic libraries. OPC UA Client – importer support to several OPC UA Servers. String data type support for Melsec Q TCP. Backup PLC added for Lacbus driver.
• State Chart – Possibility to manage configurations at runtime like other objects of this type that already do so.
• Web Client Apps – Speech Recognition for Windows app and with which vocal commands can be invoked for the apps. Possibility to set the Windows app with a transparent background in order to manage screen visualization for the augmented reality feature.
• Cross Reference – The various project resources are now faster to analyze.
• Scheduler – Holiday planning can now be programmed to include different public holidays.
• Slider – Style extension in objects.
• CFR21 – Extension provided in those objects that accept audit trace comments.
• BacNet – Supported gateway extension.
• Statistics – Variable statistics can now be reset using an appropriate command.
• I/O Server Editor – Possibility to detect server tags assigned with script code.
• ClickOnce – Client side only installation setup with ClickOnce support.
• Recipes – User column in recipes now indicate the last user who modified a recipe.

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