Charlottesville, VA (Feb. 24, 2022) – The new Movicon.NExT™ 4.1.333 is now available with a new driver for Siemens SIMOTION motion control so users can now take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, security and ease of use of the Movicon.NExT advanced automation platform. The new Movicon.NExT driver for SIMOTION is exceptionally easy to use and both flexible and efficient in its communication capability, allowing Siemens SIMOTION users to be up and running with Movicon.NExT rapidly and with minimum integration

Once the user has configured the parameters of the device to be communicated with in the driver’s user interface, the only requirement is use of an “.sti” file, which is easily produced with the Siemens SIMOTION SCOUT program. This file defines the project variables in the Emerson SCADA software corresponding to the variables of the device to be read and/or written. Once the variables have been imported, no other configuring is required in order to read/write the device’s data. Further enhancing simplicity, the device variables are addressed in the driver by their names and not with cryptic addresses. The driver can also be configured to communicate with multiple devices, making the total integration process fast and straightforward.

Once the project starts, the driver requests the device for the addresses of the device’s variables to minimize the length of the request messages sent to the device.

The new Movicon.NExT driver has already been tested with a SIMOTION D455-2 DP / PN device, a “Drive-based” Control Unit for multi-axis applications.

Users who wish to employ the new driver can download Movicon.NExT 4.1.333 here.

For customers around the world, the new Movicon.NExT version 4.1.333 advanced automation platform is now available in the Chinese language in addition to English, Italian and German.